I created the NYC Barn Dance in October 2006 as a monthly event designed to give New Yorkers an opportunity to experience - through dance - the traditional dance music being played in the city and elsewhere. This experience stood in stark contrast to how I was experiencing this music in NYC at that time: at spaces where social dancing was difficult or prohibited.  Solid turnout and strong reviews by attendees and musicians have all served as proof that the event is a welcome and valuable addition to the New York City social landscape. The Barn Dance is a fully participatory, social dance event, and ALL are invited to attend and participate as dancers regardless of experience.

If you are planning an event and would like fully participatory, square dance or contradance to be part of it, I am available to call dances at your event, as well as provide you guidance on how to plan your event for maximum success.

See you soon.

Dave Harvey
Caller/Event Organizer

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